About us

A.E.M. concern was risen on 1975 in order to producing and developing on innovating: the polyurethan elastomers.

The starting-point for producing those materials is a polyurethan basis, one of the best in the world, namely ADIPRENE. The mixtures of it with other components had continuously improved the manufacturing technology and the quality as well is  making progress at the same time. 

Such semi-finished items are then processed and dynamically tested, as per the up-to-date standards on total quality. 

The market is countinuously pushing us to innovating and is stimulating our research laboratory for proposing suitable solutions to different applications; it is a short time that we have a formulation available which applications are allowed in the foods field.


The springs we produce in metal-forming field can be considered as the 'button hole' of our products range. we have attained the height of results in this field in our Country, by manifacturing polyurethanes very resilient ones, highest mechanical features, standardized sizes, long life, releable and safe ones at the highest levels.

We have carried out two performing ranges, bearing ADIPOL and ULTRAFLEX trade-marks respectively to cover the appl i cations areas as large as possible:

ADIPOL is a very good polyurethane,highly resistant to hydrolysis and to aging, flexible and impact resistant even at low temperatures, with right ratio quality-price. ...more

ULTRAFLEX the superior polyurethane, very tough, extraordinarily resistant to cutting and to abrasion, and a dynamic life which is the double of Adipol's one. ...more


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