Molleggianti in elastomero poliuretanico

Made with two different base mixes, registered with the ADIPOL and ULTRAFLEX trademarks, differentiated by particular features and performances.


Offers top pre-forming characteristics in relation to price - with an approximate duration of about 400,000 strokes before breakage.. ...more


Represents our top product in terms of spring performance - the level of 800,000 strokes is easily surpassed with this spring.. ...more

Sheet forming - applications for our ployurethanes

A few examples of the many applications for our polyurethanes in the sheet forming sector.

First example
Second example

holders and knockouts

Drawing with ULTRAFLEX matrix.
The load must be contained inside a solid structure made of steel. It is advisable to use slow presses and good tonnage with respect to the dimensions of the piece.

holders and knockouts

Applications of ADIPOL and ULTRAFLEX springs as blank holders and knockouts.

Third example
Fourth example

Adipol pad

Perforation of a hole with the ADIPOL pad.

polyurethan pads

Example of belling, an application widely used in the manufacturing of pots and pans.

Fifth example
Sixth example

Example of bending of the plate profile (particularly advisable when the sheet surface must not be ruined: copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.)

Sequence assembly of ADIPOL and ULTRAFLEX springs with partitioned metal seats.

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